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How to Add Xsellize Repo Source on iOS 9,10

There are different types of Cydia sources available for users; they can be classified mainly into two types. They have Cracked Cydia Sources & Cydia Sources. Xsellize falls under cracked Cydia sources and If you are searching for best-cracked Cydia source then most probably you will get Xsellize Repo is the one for you.

Xsellize is one of the oldest repo in the Cydia community which still offers it services. There are many Cydia sources which got shut down midway, but Xsellize managed to stay active. If you are reading this article then most probably you have searched for “How to add Xsellize Cydia Source” or “Add Xsellize Repo Source on iOS 9 or 10“.

As mentioned earlier it is one of the oldest source available in the jailbreak community and offers a wide variety of cracked applications, tweaks and what not. You won’t find Xsellize in the default Cydia sources as Cydia is strictly against piracy, and You need to add Xsellize repo source manually.

iCydiaGeek doesn’t encourage piracy in any form. This guide is for educational purposes only. We advice our readers to use this source to try paid cydia tweaks before buying them. If you can buy a tweak then do it and help the developer.”

The source not only hosts tweaks and applications, but It also hosts some emulator games which are compatible with your Gameboy, Nintendo emulators. So let’s check our guide on “How to Add Xsellize Repo Source on iOS 7,8,9 & 10“.

Add Xsellize Repo Source on iOS 9,10

To add Xsellize repo source to your iPhone/iPad all you need is to jailbreak it. If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, then you can quickly add Xsellize Cydia Repo to your Cydia Sources. The steps we will be mentioning below are identical for all iOS operating systems which includes the old iOS 7 to latest iOS 10.

On the other hand XSellize repo is compatible with most of the iOS firmware and you search for How to install xSellize repo from Cydia ends right here itself. You can add the Xsellize repo source in less than 5 minutes and can start downloading your favorite tweak and applications.

How to Add Xsellize Repo Source on iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 & iOS 10

So let’s check the steps to install Xsellize repo on iPhone or iPad. The below steps are identical for all iOS firmware, so there is no need to worry.

  1. Open “Cydia” app on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Next click on “Sources” located at the bottom of the application.
  3. Next tap on Edit >> Add.
  4. Now you will get a field to enter the Xsellize Cydia repo URL.
  5. Type in “http://Cydia.Xsellize.Com” and click on “Add Source.Xsellize Repo Source on iOS 9,10
  6. Next, you will get a warning, Tap on add anyway.

That’s it you have successfully added Xsellize Cydia repo source to your iPhone or iPad. It will take some time for the Cydia to download the contents of the source and once it is finished, you can download paid tweaks and applications for free.

If you are having any trouble with our guide on How to Add Xsellize Repo Source on iOS 9,10, then don’t forget to leave a comment below so that we can help you out.

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