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Winterboard Released for iOS 9 – Updates and Features

It has been quite a long time since the people are using the Pangu 9 jailbreak for iOS 9. But a lot of developers have not made new updates for cydia for supporting iOS 9. But one of the major tweaks has just attained an update. It’s none other than Winterboard, which we bet you have been waiting for a long period of time.

WinterBoard for iOS 9

New version of Winterboard updated for iOS 9

Winterboard has now been updated to work on devices running iOS 9 so you won’t have to face any issues on the latest iOS version. It cannot be denied that Winterboard is one of the major packages that are used by almost all the jailbreak users; and the best part of this package is it supports the iOS right from its 2.0 version to the latest iOS 9.

New improved features released with Winterboard for iOS 9

For those who have been looking for immense improvement in the new update of Winterboard, the news shall come as a disappointment. But at the same time, there are definitely a lot of important features which will be liked by the users in the update version. In this article we are going to focus on the new features offered in the updated version of the Winterboard.

  • Winterboard allows for customizing almost every element of the iOS UI
  • Winterboard can be used for customizing the looks, backgrounds, colors, sounds, transparency and a lot more within the jailbroken iOS device
  • A huge number of Winterboard themes, both paid and free, shall be available in the present update for downloading from Cydia. The themes can be installed with some simple taps offering more appeal to the screens of iPhones.
  • The newest version of Winterboard, which is 0.9.3919, offers support for iOS 9. It has resolved the issues related to the calendar icons and also fixed the bugs which caused a spot light crash.

The new release of Winterboard for iOS 9 is definitely worth a try:

In case you just love to customize your device and you are a huge fan of Winterboard, then this update shall be of immense help to you. You shall be able to download the update package directly from Cydia. You need to remember that Winterboard does not have a separate icon now which can be launched from the home screen. You have to go to the stock settings app for accessing the preferences on Winterboard.

Theming is one of the major aspects of the jailbreak community, especially for Winterboard; although Winterboard does have the power for transforming the aesthetics of the UI of an iPhone or an iPad. With the release of the iOS 9, the designers have been updating the existing themes and in the new version of Winterboard, we bet you shall have a huge number of amazing themes for iOS 9 in cydia. The preferences might be different but you shall have the best looking themes and icons available. So go ahead and give it a try, and let us know your thoughts.

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