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The iOS devices are nothing if proper jailbreak is not utilized. And jailbreak is absolutely incomplete without the Cydia tweaks, which are all the rage right now. Well, we bet all of you definitely agree with us on this. There are huge numbers of Cydia tweaks that are available at present and these tweaks add a lot of functionality to our stock iDevices. Now, it is nothing new that Apple does not allow you in attaining all the functionality without spending a good amount of money. So to break out from that chain, the best answer you have is the jailbreak tweaks for customizing your device. In this article we are going to present you with the top 50 Cydia tweaks that will let you fully customize and play with the new iOS 9.2.1 and above versions.

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Top 50 Cydia Tweaks for iPhone & iPad running iOS 9 – iOS 9.2.1

cydia tweaks for ios 9 - ios 9.2.1

  1. InstaLauncher: This tweak allows you to have instant access to your favorite apps in a simple gesture.
  2. BrowserTabs: Now you can switch tabs within a second through this new tweak.
  3. Shortcuts: Add the fun and functionality of 3D touch in your older idevices running on iOS 9.2.1.
  4. Tether: You can set an alarm or create an event by just triple tapping on the spring board.
  5. SleepFX: While you lock your device, this tweak lets you add funny animations.
  6. Pegasus: This tweak helps you in detaching videos so that it becomes easy to move anywhere.
  7. Bandomizer: Feel free to customize your badges in any form.
  8. iProtect: You can open any app with your password or touch code.
  9. HotDog: This tweak lets you customize the lock screen of your device.
  10. Cylinder: While sliding through the home screen, this tweak lets you add cool animations.
  11. GrabberApp8: It offers your favorite app placements by replacing the camera grabber.
  12. Record ‘n’ Torch: You can turn off or turn on the flash light while capturing images or videos.
  13. iWidgets: This tweak lets you add cool widgets on your home screen.
  14. Polus: Want to add more apps in quick launch? This is the best tweak.
  15. Statusbar Color: The color of the status bar can now be customized.
  16. Roman Passcode: The numeric pass code is replaced by roman numerals.
  17. SBPowerAlert: Use gesture actions for accessing the power off, reboot and more operations.
  18. Face Down: You can now lock you device by inverting it downwards. No more action needed.
  19. TransparentVolume8: The volume button transparency can be adjusted.
  20. Folder6Plus: Now you can add as many extra folders you want inside a folder.
  21. Switch Flipper: It inverts the side of app switcher.
  22. Mutiny: The conversation from any message list can be muted.
  23. Stealth Cam: Lets you to take pictures without making alerting anyone and even when the device is locked.
  24. Swipe Home: To close all the running apps and clear RAM, just swipe through home card.
  25. FullFolder9: The folders can be used in full screen mode.
  26. Record Pause: You can continue recording the video or pause and record after sometime with a simple touch.
  27. BreadcrumsAway: Clear out the “back to App” option present on the left corner.
  28. HideSettingSearch: The search bar from settings menu can be hidden.
  29. No Carrier: Don’t want carrier text? Remove it easily from your status bar with this tweak.
  30. TimeUntilAlarm: Show how much time is left until the alarm goes off. Now you won’t have to check out the clock frequently to know how much time is left.
  31. Universal Mute: Tired of hearing different sounds of your apps? This tweak shall pause every sound of the applications on your device.
  32. Save Gram: if you want to save photos directly from Instagram, this tweak is just the perfect one for you.
  33. Icon Renamer: This is one of the newest tweaks offered. No one could rename the icons previously, but with this tweak, you can rename icons accordingly.
  34. Statusbar Timer: The stopwatch time is displayed with this tweak on the status bar of your device.
  35. Photo Size: Worried about the disk space when copying photos from other device to iphone storage? Know the size of photos that you are copying with this Cydia tweak.
  36. Sleek Code: The home screen of your iDevice can be customized and password protected through this sleekcode tweak.
  37. Alkaline: Want your battery icon to be different than others? Customize it with Alkaline Cydia tweak.
  38. Blurry badges: if you want to add some blurred effect within the images, then this one is a great app for you.
  39. Safari Tab Count: This will show you how many tabs are open at once and you can close unwanted tabs which eat up additional memory space.
  40. Fake Carrier: Bored with the same format of texts? This Fake Carrier tweak shall change the normal text format as you want.
  41. Battery Icon: If you are worried that you might not know how much battery is left, then this tweak adds live battery icon on your home screen making it easy for you.
  42. Glow Badge: A normal badge is replaced by a glowing image, making the appearance of the device much classier.
  43. Status HUD 2: The volume control present on the status bar is displayed through this tweak. Now you can adjust the volume without bringing the status bar down.
  44. Battery Life: The detailed info about the battery percentage is showed through this tweak on your device.
  45. SharePro: This tweak adds a unique beautiful floating share option within the device’s home screen that allows you to share any file or images from your iphone.
  46. Speed Intensifier: The animation speed of the device is more smoothened and enhanced with this tweak.
  47. DockShift: This tweak customizes the dock with different options.
  48. Circlecons: Check this tweak out if you want to add the circle icons within the settings menu.
  49. Almpoum: Saving screenshots was common, but having various features in screenshots is completely new. Almpoum does it for you.
  50. BytaFont 3: The font of your device can be customized with this tweak.

That’s it guys, these are the best 50 cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad running iOS 9, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.3

Cydia, Cydia Tweaks, iOS 8.4, iOS 9, iPad, iPhone

The new iOS 8.4 jailbreak has been released and it has been really exciting for the jailbreak community since there are huge numbers of tweaks available for its new 8.4 version. And at this year’s end, we are going to offer a list of the best iOS 8.4 cydia tweaks that have been made available to you. While these tweaks were specifically designed for iOS 8.4; however even if you are still on a firmware of 8.3 version, these tweaks should work on that too. Here are the best tweaks that you need to install right away if you do not have them on your iDevice yet.

Best iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

Best Free iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks to download:

Acapella II:

iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

This is one of the best gesture-based elegant music controls for iOS 8.4. The basic feature of this tweak is that Acapella II removes buttons from iOS media player and it is replaced by responsive swipe gestures for a song change or play next video. Also, if you tap on the media player you can toggle payback. It also changes Lock screen, Music App controls and Control center.


iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

For improvement in the function of Spotify app, this new Amplify tweak has been introduced. The new features of this tweak includes: sleep timer, quick scroll and also force shows status bar in Now Playing.  Customization of your device has been made really easy through this tweak.

DockBar for iPhone:


This is a customizable sidebar app launcher for iOS 8.4, and it comprises of a lot of useful features. That includes changeable color schemes, orientation, two different types of dock styles, toggle able icon, and also continuous or paged dock scrolling. Just imagine what your device can look like with more than 32 different customization options being offered by DockBar. Using Activator, the DockBar also allows you in picking up custom activation gestures. It comprises of activation filter so that users are able to see those icons that you want to see in your dock. This is also very light on your battery. There is no resource-intense animation that takes additional amount of storage.



This tweak is for instant camera access in the “reachability area”. It replaces blank reachability area with camera and lets you in accessing your camera instantly. Click photos, selfies and shoot videos within anywhere from your device. The features include, setting primary camera to open when you activate reachability, enable or disable while taking pictures, enable/disable the torch while taking videos.



This one is identical to “proTapper”. It displays “puck” on screen when you touch anywhere. It is useful to install the fingerprint “puck” while recording a screen for the instructional videos or other tutorial purposes.



Completely customizable with “low power” alerts. The users shall have the option of selecting between an alert, banner, sound, vibration or no notification while the battery is low. The users shall also have option of selecting 5 different low battery percentages.



Offer a custom image on Messages send button and the send button in Messages app is replaced by an image.  

Springtomize 3:

iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

This is one of the biggest cydia tweaks available in the market for iOS 8.4 and also the one that every jailbreaker needs to install. Springtomize was upgraded recently for its bug fixes and its functionality has been made more stable. The tweak lets you do different stuffs like changing around look and feel of certain elements, speeding up animations, hidings icons and even putting more app icons on dock.


iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

If you are looking to create shortcuts or automation, Activator is exactly the right tweak that you need. You shall be able to do things like changing songs through volume buttons, triple clicking home button for opening a certain app and setting other forms of swipe gestures.  Certain tasks can be automated like disabling vibration or putting phone to sleep mode at sleep hours.


iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

Well, you might not realize for a certain period of time, but the bright light is going to damage your eyes and even mess up your sleep cycle. The bright blue light affects your sleep, especially if you use the device right before bed. F.Lux is a cydia tweak that is focused on fixing this.


iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

A new feature available in iOS 9 changes uppercase letters in iOS 8 keypad to lowercase while typing in lowercase. But it might get a bit confusing for iPhone users whether or not you have capslock on. The tweak showcase enables the feature in iOS 8.4 that shows only uppercase letters when shift key is activated.


iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

While you receive any notification on your phone when using it, that big banner can hamper your present activities with your device. The Tinybar is a tweak that condenses those banners within a single line that takes up the space which the statusbar occupies. This means when you shall get a notification while using any iPhone, the banner won’t come in your way but it will also show you the notifications. This tweak is really well implemented.


iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

When you opt for shutting off your iPhone, you have only one option. Won’t it be really great if you had reboot option too? This is a cydia tweak which adds reboot option and additionally a respring option within the Power Down menu while you are long pressing the sleep/power button of your iPad or iPhone. This option will help you a lot in case your phone gets hung up.


iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

This tweak helps in saving and extending battery life of your device. You shall be able to create custom profiles for predefined actions like a specified device state, battery level, toggle variation settings, switch on/off and lot more.


iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

This tweak offers complete freedom in performing multitasking, watching videos, calculations, playing games, checking mails and a lot more.

DelayVolChange: This tweak ensures that volume is only changed when HUD is visible. This means, first volume press does not change any volume, and it requires a second press or holding down the volume button for longer.

We hope these awesome Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8.4 can keep you occupied for weeks together.

Cydia, Cydia Tweaks, iOS 9, iPad, iPhone

It has been quite some time since the iOS 9 jailbreak has been released and a lot of people have been looking for the tweaks and tricks to be used in the iOS 9. A lot of tweaks have been updated in this short period and we bet you just can’t wait to check out the tweaks on your iDevice. So in this article, let’s check out the different iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks.

Best iOS 9 Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad:

iOS 9 Cydia Tweaks

BreadcrumsAway: This is one of the new tweaks of iOS 9 that enables you to dismiss the “back to app” option or shortcut.

UniversalForce: Now this one is a completely new addition to the iOS operating system. The tweaks like UniversalForce or the Revealmenu brings you the 3D touch quick actions for the older iOS 9 devices. This is actually a complimentary tweak and it offers the peep and pop 3D feature within the iOS devices.

Better Five Column home screen: This tweak allows you in having 5 columns of applications in your device instead of the normal 4 columns which are present by default in all devices.

Better FiveIcon Dock: One of the most favorite and frequently used tweak is the better FiveIcon Dock. This can be said to be a no brainer, and it allows you in having an additional icon in the iPhone dock. The iPhone 6s and 6s plus looks really great with the additional icons and even distribution of space. You shall be able to fix that by contracting the size of the icons.

F.lux: This is not a new problem– when a notification comes late at night; you are completely blinded for a few seconds by the brightness of the screen. This problem is solved using the F.lux tweak by adjusting screen brightness and also adapt the display of iPhone accordingly at the time of day.

BlurryLaunch: This displays a smooth blur effect while you are launching the App Switcher.

CCSettings: The control center comprises of a “by default” restricted set of toggles that includes, those for the Airplane mode, wifi, do not disturb, and Bluetooth. The set of available toggles are increased by the CCSettings. It adds toggles for cellular data, personal hotspot, location services, VPN, the auto lock feature and a lot more. If you want to see the additional list of toggles, only you have to swipe from right to left. If you are using the landscape mode, you need to swipe vertically. If you want, then you can even make the customization for removing and adding toggles from the settings>CCSettings.

BetterFour by FourFolders: The better four by four folders allow you for putting 16 applications within one folder.

RevealINC9: if you want to bring the android style swipe animation for the notification center, then you can use the RevealINC9 tweak.

BlurryBadges: This tweak shall provide you the capability to blur the badges; it can also make the badges transparent. So you can make use of any color in the wallpaper and then blurs it.

that’s it guys, these tweaks are the best cydia tweaks for iOS 9, iOS 9.0.2, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2..