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How to Install Mojo Installer without Jailbreak | iOS 9, 10 & 11

Are you looking for a way to install Mojo Installer on iOS 10 or 11 without Jailbreak? If your answer is yes, then you are in right place. All Apple devices are currently running iOS 11and majority of the users upgraded to iOS 11 as it fixes major bugs in previous versions. Many of the iOS 11 users are still waiting for iOS 10 & 11 Jailbreak, which might take even more time.

Apple even pushing iOS 11.1 anytime soon and still most of the jailbreak community is clueless on when will be the jailbreak released as most of the users are unable to customize their devices as they are missing Cydia on Non-jailbroken devices. We have recently covered a guide on How to Download iNoJB app without Jailbreak iOS which will help you to install Cydia without jailbreak.

Most of the Cydia applications are now available for non-jailbroken devices too, and there is no need to jailbreak your device to enjoy Cydia tweaks. Developers are finding ways to install Cydia tweaks without the need of jailbreaking your devices, and they are succeeded at the same.  We found another Cydia alternative which is Mojo Installer, You can install Mojo Installer on iOS 10 or Up without the need of jailbreaking your device.

Guide to install mojo installer

What is Mojo Installer?

Mojo Installer is an application which hosts the majority of Cydia tweaks compatible with your non-jailbroken devices from which you can download tweaks likes AirShou, GBA4iOS, HipStore, etc. without any hassles. With the help of this application, you can add sources, download packages, and a lot of amazing stuff which you have been missing all these days.

The developers are trying their level best to provide users with an updated Moji Installer, and they are always pushing updates and updating the applications in the store so that there is no need for you to search for a guide everytime you need to install a new application. The user interface of the Mojo installer is eye catchy and easy to use. Let’s dive into our guide on How to Install Mojo Installer on iOS without Jailbreak.

How to Install Mojo Installer on iOS  without Jailbreak?

Mojo Installer is a great way to install Cydia tweaks on your non-jailbroken devices. We don’t get each and every Cydia tweak but most of the famous tweaks are available on Mojo Installer. The procedure to install Mojo Installer on iOS  without jailbreak is simple and easy to follow. If you are stuck at any step then do lets us know via comments so that we can help you out.

All you need is an iOS device with working internet connection so that you can download the application directly onto your device. The overall process of installing Mojo Installer won’t take more than 5-10 mins of your valuable time. So let’s see how to install Mojo Installer without jailbreak.

  1. Unlock your device and launch Safari browser on it.
  2. If you are reading this article from Safari, then click here or type in “” in the address bar.
  3. Now you will be greeted with an installation page which looks like the below one.Install Mojo Installer without Jailbreak
  4. Next, you will find, “Install directly on your iDevice” button on the homepage click on it.
  5. Now you will be navigated to another page on which you need to click on “Build Custom Profile“. After that, you will be prompted to install a profile, Click on Install.How to install Mojo Installer on iOS 9.3 without jailbreak
  6. After installing the profile you will be navigated back to the website. You will get the device info like your device model and software version, next click on Install Mojo. You will get a popup click on InstallHow to install Mojo Installer on iOS 9.3
  7. Once again you need to install profile, Click on Install when prompted. After clicking install Click next and followed by clicking install which will install the unsigned profile. install Mojo Installer on iOS 9.3 without jailbreak
  8. After doing so it will take a minute or two for the application to download onto your device depending on your internet connection.
  9. After installing the Mojo Installer you will be navigated to the application tour from within the application itself. How to install Mojo Installer on iOS 9

That’s it folks, you have successfully installed Mojo Installer without jailbreak by following our guide on How to Install Mojo Installer on iOS 10 or 11 without Jailbreak.  If you are facing any issues with the application make sure that you are updating the device frequently as the developers push frequent updates. We will also update this post with more information.

If you are having any issues regarding the guide then do leave a comment below so that we can help you out. Do share the guide with your friends and help them to install Mojo Installer to tweak their devices.

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