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How to Hard Reset Apple Watch – Solution to Solve minor issues

We have recently covered a guide on How to force close stuck apps on Apple Watch, and it solved the most annoying problem of Apple Watch till date. Many minor issues are surrounding the device, and everyone need a standard solution for every problem. We referred to the common solution in the sense,  If a user faces an issue then he can try this solution before taking it to the service center which makes the overall process easier.

Everyone don’t have time to run around service centers as most of us are busy in our day to day jobs. If you are facing any issues with your Apple watch, then you can try hard resetting your Apple Watch, which will solve most of the day today common Apple Watch issues like,

  1. Apple Watch is not Responding.
  2. Applications are not responding on Apple Watch.
  3. Apple Watch Stuck while updating Watch OS and much more.

How to Hard Reset Apple Watch

Whatever the issue is most of the times a hard reset solves the problem. We have seen many times that whenever we face any minor issues on our iPhone, or iPad we try hard resetting the device to solve it and we succeed in doing so.  If you are facing any minor issues on your Apple Watch, then you need to reset your Apple Watch hard. If you don’t know how we are here to show you “How to Hard Reset Apple Watch.”

Procedure to Hard Reset Apple Watch

We have tested this method, and it is working flawlessly without any issues,  If you are facing any minor issues with Apple Watch then we advice you to try hard resetting it before taking it to any service center. Just follow our steps and your device will be hard reset in no time.

  1. Remove Apple Watch from your wrist as you won’t be able to follow the steps mentioned here having it on your wrist.
  2. Now you need to press the “Digital Crown” which acts as a home button along with the side button which is used to access frequent contacts.
  3. Hold them for at least 10-20 seconds and you will see the Apple logo as a sign of your Apple Watch restarting, Now you can leave the buttons.

Hope this helped you to solve your issues which you are facing with your Apple Watch. If you are still facing the problem while following our guide on How to Hard Reset Apple Watch then drop comment below so that we can help you out.

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