Emu4iOS Store Download for iOS without Jailbreak | iOS 11, 10, 9 & 8

Emu4iOS Store Download for iOS: Emu4iOS is a short form of Emulator for iOS. We all know that Cydia is the best thing that happened to iOS users with. It can be used in many ways for customizing our devices, enhance their performance and also help us play our favorite emulator games. We all like to play the old school games which we used to play on handheld consoles and it will bring a lot of memories as well.

When it comes to iOS Emulators there are dozens of then like GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS, SNES, NewGamePad etc. They are all available in the form of Cydia tweaks which you can enjoy on your jailbroken device. What if you don’t have a jailbroken device, you might think that you can’t play emulator games on your iPhone or iPad, then you are absolutely wrong.

You can download & Install all kinds of emulators on your device without jailbreak. All thanks to the developers of Emu4iOS store. It basically contains all the emulators and some Cydia tweaks like screen recording apps which you can install without jailbreak. The best part of the application is, it is free and easy to use. Emu4iOS is one of the most trusted emulator stores for iOS.

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Emu4iOS supports all the latest iOS versions like iOS 11 as well as age-old iOS 7. So there won’t be any issue as you will be able to install all applications on your iOS device with the help of  Emu4iOS. The applications may get revoked at regular intervals, don’t worry we will be publishing a guide soon on How to Stop Apps from getting revokes. So let’s see how to get Emu4iOS Store Download for iOS without Jailbreak.

Emu4iOS Store Download no jailbreak

Emu4iOS App Store Features

We thought of covering some of the cool features of Emu4iOS App Store below. Do comment your favorite feature in the comments section.

  1. The application is available for all iOS devices and versions for free.
  2. Ability to install applications and Cydia tweaks without jailbreak.
  3. You can download dozens of emulators as well as Cydia tweaks.
  4. Download modified applications like Whatsapp++, Youtube++ etc

Hope you liked the features and thinking to install Emu4iOS without jailbreak. You can follow below procedure and let us know if you ran into any issues.

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Emu4iOS Store Download for iOS No Jailbreak | All iOS Versions

Previously, iOS users need to download a standalone application but they removed it. Now they are available as a web application to make it more easy for the users to use it. So installation of Emu4iOS store is going to be easy and quick. So let’s dive into the process of installation.

  1. Open Safari browser on your device, Navigate to https://emu4ios.net
  2. Tap on the share button in the menu bar and click on “Add Boomark”.
  3. Change the name to Emu4iOS and tap on Save.
  4. You can find the icon on your home screen and you can use it to install applications.
  5. Open the application select the application and tap on install.
  6. You can find whether the application is signed or not by a green vertical line near the application icon.
  7. After installing the application you need to trust them.
  8. You can do that by navigating to Settings >> General >> Device Management & Profiles, Trust the profile.

That’s it you have successfully installed iOS Emulator from Emu4iOS store without Jailbreak. Hope this guide on Emu4iOS Download helped you. In case of any installation issues then do let us know via comments below.  Don’t forget to share the guide as well.

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