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Download RecBoot for Windows PC and Mac – Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

Download RecBoot – For those who haven’t heard about RecBoot, let us tell you that it is actually a freeware which allows you in setting up your iPhone into recovery mode. Windows and Mac users can download recboot and install it on their PCs; and with RecBoot installed on your computer, any user with an iDevice can connect it to the computer and use RecBoot to set their device into recovery mode.

At the same time it will become convenient for the iDevice users to force the device out from recovery mode without pressing Home, Wake or Sleep buttons. In simple terms, you can force your iPhone in and out of the recovery mode without pressing any button. That should make your life a lot easier!

Download RecBoot for Windows PC and Mac - Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

Importance of using Recboot on your iPhone/iPad/iPod:

Traditionally it used to take more than 4-5 steps for putting an iPhone into recovery mode, but with RecBoot installed on your computer, it will take up a really short time to put your device into recovery mode; all it requires is just a single click– one simple click to put your device in recovery mode and another click to exit it. Most people who are looking for RecBoot are always in serious trouble with their iPhone, ipad or iPod. It may sometimes also happen that their Home button gets broken or stops working when their iPhone is stuck in recovery mode loop.

You need to be clear that by recovery mode loop, it means that your phone is stuck with a software failure that arises mainly from faulty iTunes software or incompatible iOS update installation. It makes your device boot into recovery mode again and again, even when you want it to boot it in a normal mode.

If you are going through any such situation, rest assured, this article is going to cover all the necessary factors. And before discussing about the steps, it is essential to let you know that if you are not able to understand what type of failure your device is undergoing, just download RecBoot for Mac or Windows PC from here and try it. It works really great.

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Detailed Steps to Download RecBoot for Mac and Windows PC

Download RecBoot for Windows PC and Mac - Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

1) The first step is click on a link to Download RecBoot for your Windows PC or Mac and then run it.


2) After that, connect your iPhone/iPad or iPod to your computer.

3) Once your iDevice gets recognized, you shall see two buttons on your computer. The first one says “Enter Recovery Mode” while the other one says “Exit Recovery Mode”.

4) All you need to do is make sure that your device is connected to the computer properly and click on the desired button to enter the command to your iPhone from the computer.

That’s it, you are done now. You have successfully learned about how to connect or disconnect your iPhone or any other iDevice.

RecBoot is a freeware that can be availed online and it does not even need any form of installation procedure. You only need to download it from any valid link and then open it to begin the recovery procedure of your iPhone. You don’t need to install any other supportive software as well.

If you have any questions to ask, please do so in the comments below and we would be happy to answer them.

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