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Download and Install vShare on iOS 9 without Jailbreak

Install vShare on iOS 9, 9.1, 9.2.1, 9.3, 9.3.2 – The latest iOS 9 which has been finally released by Apple has received much fanfare. Now, it cannot be denied that the most important thing that the iOS users are curious to know is, whether vShare is compatible with iOS 9. The downloading and installing procedure of vShare without jailbreak is not a very difficult one; and in fact, you shall be surprised to know that it is similar to what you did in case of iOS 8.4.

Download and Install vShare on iOS 9 without Jailbreak

Why should you install vShare without Jailbreak on iOS 9

Now, before we delve deep into the downloading and installation steps, what is new on this iOS 9? There may not be a huge number of features, but, a lot of optimizations are present in iOS 9. The best is that iOS 9 has been providing the older iPhones like iPhone 5 and 5s a longer battery life. Now, for those who have upgraded to iOS 9, you can check out the following steps to download and install vShare. The only difference is, in the past, you had to jailbreak and utilize cydia to download vShare; whereas now, you can do it without having any jailbreak.

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Steps to download and install vShare on iOS 9 (iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0.2, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.3)

1. The first step is, on the iOS 9 device, tap on the Safari icon to open the safari browser. And then you have to enter the official address of vShare, which is

2. After that, you shall see the homepage, and the title “vShare paid apps for free” along with two big buttons. One is for downloading with jailbroken and the other button is for downloading vShare unjailbroken.

3. The next step is, when you click on the unjailbroken button, you shall be prompted with a message “ would like to install vShare”, click on accept and continue with the procedure. You can see the vShare icon appearing on the springboard when it gets installed.

Download and Install vShare on iOS 9 without Jailbreak

4. After that go to the home screen of the device and then tap on the vShare icon to start the app. You will be provided with a pop up that says “untrusted App Developer: Do you trust the developer iPhone Distubution Ningbo Xihe Children products Co., Ltd for running apps on your iPhone?” Tap on the “accept and trust” button, you shall be able to continue with the vShare market.

Now you can download as many cracked apps as you wish. Till date, vShare has been recognized as the best Installous alternative because of its really convenient user interface and the huge collection of apps that it is able to provide for its users. If you do not like it for any reason, then you can also use the vShare alternative. It might happen sometimes that vShare is not installing or it won’t download the apps from the vShare market; and to solve this, close vShare and any other background apps and then restart the device. This time you should be able to use the vShare app.

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