How to add People on Snapchat using Phone number & Other Ways

Snapchat is one of the most popular social messaging applications among the millennials. It is used by many people and some of its features are not user-friendly, to be frank. I saw the majority of my friends using the application and thought of giving it a try. Snapchat is amazing in many ways and some of its features got copied on other platforms like Instagram as well.

After installing the application I am just staring at the screen and not knowing what to do. I read few guides here & there and finally got a hand on it. If we are going to install a social messaging application or creating an account on social media the first thing we always do is to add our friends. So after installing snapchat, the first thing we want is to add our friends.

Unlike present-day social media features like “Facebook suggesting random people based on mutual friends,” etc Snapchat doesn’t do the same.  Snapchat makes use of your contacts to suggest you who are already on Snapchat and add them. It makes clear that you need to have the person you need to add in your contact list. There are other ways as well like you can search a particular user with the help of their username or add them using their snapcode etc.

So let’s break down the steps one needed to add someone on his/her Snapchat account.

  1. Most people tend to leave their social media handles all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. You can go the profile of the person you are looking to add and check for snapchat username.
  2. You can even ask any of your friends who know them personally.
  3. If you don’t have any options then by trial and error you can keep on searching for them by using their name & other things.

We mentioned earlier that Snapchat uses your contacts to suggest your buddies who are already having an account. Recently when I am discussing the same with my friends they are like “Are You Kidding Me ?? We don’t know about that till date.” So don’t worry if you don’t know that you can add your friends on snapchat using their mobile number as you aren’t alone.

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Although there are several other methods to add your friends on snapchat this one is the easiest among them. Don’t worry we will cover those as well. So let’s have a look at the process of adding friends on snapchat using mobile number.

Add friends on snapchat using phone number

How to find Someone or Anyone on Snapchat using their Phone number?

So are you ready to learn this neat little trick to save your time and start snap chatting with your friends? Let’s see the steps involved to do it.

  1. You need to have Snapchat installed on your device LOL 😛
  2. Open Snapchat on your device.
  3. You will get the camera screen, Swipe Down.
  4. Next select “Add Friends” & Tap on “Add from Contacts”.Add your friends on snapchat using mobile number
  5. It will ask permissions to do the same, Allow access when prompted.
  6. Now you can find your contacts using snapchat under “Snapchatters in my contacts.”

list of Snapchatters In My Contacts

As mentioned earlier that you can even add your friends by using their usernames, Snapcode, Nearby or contacts which we have shown above. So do comment below the number of people who are using Snapchat in your contacts you are unaware of until you read our article. Don’t go bonkers on the “Add” button. Add only the people whom you know personally.

I can’t find someone on Snapchat even though they have Snapchat account?

We understand that you tried the above method but still can’t find the person you are looking to add. Although you have contact of the snapchat user in your account sometimes they aren’t displayed. The person you are looking might chode to hide his mobile number on snapchat.

Snapchat has this little privacy features which limit its users whether users can find an account of a particular person using their mobile number.  You too can enable this feature all you need to is go to Settings>> Mobile Number >> Toggle  “Let others find me using my mobile number”.

snapchat privacy feature

Hope it cleared your basic queries regarding Snapchat. So let’s have a look at some other ways of adding friends on snapchat.

More Fun Ways to Add Your Friends on Snapchat

We mentioned multiple times that there are other ways to add friends. Let’s have a look at them.

Add Freinds on Snapchat by Username

This is another way of adding your friends by their respective usernames. But you need to have the correct username as there will be another user with a slightly different username. All you need to do is input the username of the user in the search box and you will get the profile. You will get the “Add” button and click on it to add them as your friend.

Add friends on snapchat using usernameAdd Your Freinds on Snapchat by Snapcode

This is another quick way of adding your friends on Snapchat by scanning their snapcode. So you can just click a picture of the snapcode of the using the camera in Snapchat. It will automatically pull up the profile of the user which you can add.

How to add your friends on snapchat using snapcode

Snapcode doesn’t need anything like username or contact as the picture contains all the necessary info about the user. You can also add your friends by snapcode by navigating to Snapchat >> Add Friends >> Snapcode & select the snapcode picture. 

We covered most of the methods to add your friend on snapchat using mobile number, username, Snapcode etc. In case if you have any queries then do lets us know via comments below. Don’t forget to show your love by sharing our guide on social media platforms.

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