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How to Fix iGameGuardian initialization failed on iOS 9,10

We have recently covered a detailed article on How to add iGameGuardian Cydia repo on iOS 10 and some users reported that they are facing initialization failed issues. We didn’t encounter any issues while installing iGameGuardian and we cross checked installing it on few other devices. To our horror, we too met the “iGameGuardian Initialization failed” error although we tried a mix of iOS 9 and 10 devices. Continue Reading

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Download AppShed iFile for iOS 8/9/10 without Jailbreak

If you recently shifted to the iOS ecosystem, then you might be having a hard time in finding a file explorer for iOS. You won’t find any real ios file explorer’s in App Store and most of the famous file explorers or management applications are available only as Cydia tweaks. We all know that it is quite hard to get jailbreak as it is getting hard with every new update. Continue Reading

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How to Save Videos to Camera Roll | iPhone & iPad

Last updated on August 17th, 2017 is one of the fastest growing applications right now. You may come across many videos of your friends who lip syncs the song on Facebook or Instagram. I bet that you have seen at least one video till date and You may come across some of the best videos too. If you don’t know what is, Don’t worry. is an application which helps users to record themselves for a song.

The song can be any from the vast library of the It consists of millions of songs and a great way to showcase one’s creative talent. I usually come across a video or two which are damn impressive as well as creative. I wish to download them to my iPhone but can’t as the application won’t allow users to download videos. If you would like to download videos just like me then you are in the right place.

The great thing about Cydia tweaks is that they can help you incorporate the features which aren’t available. The same applies for too. There happens to be a Cydia tweak which is developed for the sole purpose of saving videos to camera roll on iPhone or iPad.

Moreover, there aren’t any settings to configure the tweak as you can install the tweak and that’s it. You can start downloading videos from the application without any issues and they will be saved to your camera roll. There are two different ways of downloading or saving videos on iPhone or iPad. You can try any one of them depending on whether you have a jailbroken device or not. So let’s dive into our guide on “How to save videos to Camera Roll ?

How to save videos on a Non-Jailbroken device

This method works of both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. But we advise you to try this only on a non-jailbroken device as there is a better alternative for jailbroken devices. So if you have a non-jailbroken device and want to save videos on your iPhone or iPad, then do give it a try and let us know via comments below.

  • Open the application and Tap on a video.
  • After the video starts playing, Click on three dots button.
  • From the options choose “Share on Instagram.”
  • Wait for a few moments for it to export.

Now here comes the real part, You don’t share the video on Instagram & Instead of that just press cancel. Once the exporting is completed you can check the camera roll in which the video is present. You have successfully downloaded video on iPhone without jailbreak. If you are interested in checking how it can be done on a jailbroken device then you can follow below guide.

Video Guide on How to Save’s to Your Camera Roll

How to save videos on a Jailbroken device

If you have a jailbroken device then you have already installed hundreds of tweaks from the store. There is a Cydia tweak named Downloadally which does the trick. The tweak can be installed and used right way without the need of any configuration. As mentioned above this tweak adds a button so that you can save videos to camera roll with a tap. So let’s see how you can install Downloadally to save videos on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open Cydia on your device.
  2. Reload all the sources.
  3. Now search for “Downloadally” and Install the tweak.

Save videos camera rollYou may need to respring your device after installation. You can find an extra button on the videos which will help you download videos directly. There is a nice little feature which shows that whether you have downloaded the video earlier or not as the button will turn green for the videos saved in your camera roll.

That’s it, You have successfully saved videos onto your iPhone or iPad. If you are having any queries regarding the article, then do drop a comment below. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends.

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How to Add Cydia Sources on iPhone and iPad | iOS 9 & 10

Cydia is a marketplace for some tweaks, themes, etc which will enhance the way your device looks and performs. Did you ever though from where the tweaks come from ? or from where you are downloading your favorite tweaks or themes? Most of the people will have little to no idea about them, but we are here to explain all your Cydia related doubts and issues. Continue Reading

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How to Add Xsellize Repo Source on iOS 9,10

There are different types of Cydia sources available for users; they can be classified mainly into two types. They have Cracked Cydia Sources & Cydia Sources. Xsellize falls under cracked Cydia sources and If you are searching for best-cracked Cydia source then most probably you will get Xsellize Repo is the one for you. Continue Reading

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Download iCleaner Pro for iOS 10 without Jailbreak

iCleaner Pro for iOS 10 without Jailbreak:- iPhone’s and iPad’s are the best devices regarding both looks and performance. The only downside with iPhone’s, iPad’s or iOS ecosystem is that there aren’t any  “Cache Cleaners” or “Memory Booster” or “Device cleaning” apps available in App Store. Continue Reading